What size art work should I choose

One of the most important decisions in purchasing Photographic Fine Art Prints is choosing the proper image size for certain rooms/enviornments. We find the perfect size for display above a 3 seater sofa is 30” x 45”. Here’a a room interior with our print sizes of 30” x45’ , 24’ x 36” and 20” x 30” to scale.


For our smaller sized prints, 16x24 and 12 x 18 they are best displayed on a smaller wall. The picture below shows these sizes displayed over a 36” sofa table.


Of course, you can always group multiple images together to form a “larger” visual presence. Here is an example of four 11” x 14” open edition matted prints in a group of 4. These were captured during a week long shoot in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
We really like groups of three as well. The possibilities are endless. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help brainstorming.